16 May 2012

Water marble!

This is another one of the oldies I wanted to show ya. Im a bit busy today + no sun so nothing new is coming today :( Anyways, this is my water marbling, I love it! The technique is so easy - yes I know, theres loads of people saying that they have some difficulties with it but I say "Keep on practicing!" and it will be just as easy for you as it is for me! - and yet the effect is absolutely amazing. This is one of my favorite looks, it takes a little bit to do but hey! Its totally worth all the complements! :)

I apologize for picture quality, took it with my mobile in bad lighting but it had to be done this way. The polishes I used was Depend metallic - no still dont know the number of it :| - I used in the old gradient and a beautiful lilac with silver shimmer. I tried to take pictures with my camera and all the reflecting light from metallic and the shimmer just freaked out my camera and it simply would just flash onto my cuticles or just focus on the metallic totally "shouting out" the lillac. It looks awesome in real life I promise! Ill do a swatch of the lillac when my nails are better and the weather suits taking pictures of it. 

Of course Im going to make more manis with water marbles just waiting for a spare time window so I can actually sit down and enjoy doing new manis for you. :)

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