18 May 2012

IsaDora's Cindrella

Hey! Today I have IsaDora nail polish to show you. Name is Cindrella and its number 618. When I saw it I thought to myself: "Darn! What a pretty baby pink, must have!" so went a head and bought it. Now I kinda regret it. Reason? Well color in the bottle is a really pretty baby pink with delicate pink/silver shimmer (I still dont know :D) but on the nail it becomes more "candy pink" then "baby pink" the more you layering! Oh yeah and you do need those layers cause the polish is one of the most sheer polishes that I ever saw! I mean aside from those that are obviously sheer even in the bottle but this one - too bad - did not look like a sheer one. Im disappointed. A lot. I really hate sheer polishes, they may be good for real layering but I dont do this kind of thing (cause I dont know how to) and when I actually buy polish it has to be one that I can use!

Aside from that result in the sun is just so pretty and then, only then, it is actually a baby pink polish. Otherwise, indoors or in shadows its just candy pink which makes my peachy skin looks absolutely yellow. Not the peachy yellow, just yellow! I really hate that. So much hate that polish causes haha well Im disappointed cause I could have bought a magnetic nail polish from IsaDora (which Im dying to try) instead, which comes to the stores next week. It should come, not sure if it is in there by then or we have to wait a bit longer here like we did with IsaDora's summer collection. Blah, blah, onto the polish:

In the sun light *.* :

You guys see what Im taking about? Just so pretty!

Here is one in the shadow:

I still wasnt able to catch that candy pink shade with my camera (its a really bad one, please excuse me for that) but here my ring finger and my pinky shows it a bit.

So, would I recommend it? Not if you dont like sheer polishes. Yes if you like just a delicate, thin layer over your nails to brighten them up, otherwise just spend the money on something else if you have to :)

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