3 May 2012

Pink Spice from Accessorize

The weather was great so I decided its time for the first of my newly bought Accessorize nail polishes. Since the sun always takes out the best of people I thought it would also apply to nail polishes. In the last post I said I tried to capture their real shine and failed miserably at it but today I succeeded! Sun is shining, I had a great company with me, barbecue, drinks and of course my mani ;D Enough of me, lets get to the polish.

I made the picture on purpose to show you how gorgeously this polish changes shade and the only way to capture it in its full glory was to "unfocus" the camera. So here it is :)

The formula was.. weird. Not too runny, not too thick but after all hard to apply evenly onto the nail. Too bad Pink Spice is one of those 3 coaters but I still loved the effect. Some places of my nails were not quite  "deep with the color" so I did put 4rd coat and it came out pretty good! Even after those 4 coats there was no trouble with drying, polish didnt get any air bubbles, bumps or whatever you want to call them. Here is how the polish looks at evening under lamp light or in the shadow outside:

Its very glittery and the depth of the pink is just hypnotizing :) The best thing with this polish is that with different angles of sunlight it changes color! From almost gold, orange through copper to this deep raspberry shimmer that is really hard to capture on the picture. Just imagine how much it shine and how yummy it looks! :D Here is some pictures outside, in direct sunlight:

That was lots of pictures but I really wanted to show off Pink Spice cause its.. spicy! 

The things I found a bit annoying are:
*  you need to be very careful while applying this polish, really easy to get "bold spots" on the nails
* 3 or more coats to get full opacity

Besides those the polish is pretty awesome but what do you think?

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