23 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 2

YES, IM SO LATE WITH THAT I KNOW! Im sorry girls but brutal life kicked in and had to do both of the themes (for day 2 and day 3) today, I just simply didnt want to do my nails around 1 am :|

Anyways here is my day 2 of the Summer Challenge - Chelsea flower show:

I had no idea what was I going for but this is how it turned out. I made it only on one of my fingers cause today was a busy day for me again and I didnt want to make a nice mani, get a picture of it and take it off for the today's challenge :( Im so going to redo this mani some day it kind of reminds me of Holland which isnt that good consider the Summer Challenge is not about Holland at all!

Polishes used are:

H&M Petrol
Viva la Diva 126
China Glaze Hey Sailor
Broadway Nails Nail Art Paint black
+ top coat

So.. How did you like my mani for day 2? :D

By the way I had absolutely no idea what "Chelsea Flower Show" is until now *blushes* :D


  1. Love it! I combined the two challenges too so don't worry about it :)

    1. Thanks! :D Well we women are good at doing many things at once so doing the same with the nails/summer challenge isnt really odd :D Btw I loved your mani too ;D xx

  2. Is there a tutorial on how to do the flower?

    1. Not really but I can fix one later today when Im making todays challenge if you wish to :)