1 May 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish

Look what I found! Those little gems screamed to me right from the stores display and I just couldnt resist! How could I leave those little precious polishes unwanted? ( Look what a nail polish can do to a person :D ) Un-bought more likely but is that even a word? Im not sure but it can be my made-up word from now on! I specially adore Accessorize store for its really affordable prices and awesome items I can get there :)

Here without a flash in kind of bad light ^^

Here with flash.

From left to right: "Sapphire", "Pink  Spice" and "Magic"

I just cant wait to make swatches, I kind of fell in love with all of them *blushes* Each one is different so stay tuned for those lovely swatches.. I mean.. I hope they turn out to be lovely ;D 

I tried to capture their little shimmer shine but I officially failed so I will just make decent pictures with each swatch I make. What do u think about these so far?

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