14 May 2012

Gradient crazy :)

Since I posted my old ombre few days ago and said I'd re-do the mani cause I love gradient nails, as promised here it is, my newest mani:

Used my H&M shades: Purple and Berry. Please, dont mind my nails I have some problems with them now (besides fact that they need huge amount of hand creme), I had to cut them down right to the skin :( Well they grow back slowly so I just have to be patient.

Heres another picture that I took, this time with flash to show my "gradient skills":

And here is picture I took this morning cause it was sunny and I wanted to show true colors (yesterday when I did the mani it was really cloudy so the colors are only close to the real effect: 

Here comes my little question: Would you guys like to see my pictures in x-large like above or like I did in the beginning of the post? Please let me know, I want this blog to be nice for you so your opinion absolutely counts :)


  1. Well the reader can make them bigger when they click on them so it's really up to you :) I use medium :P Your nails look amazing btw!

  2. Thank you so much! :) Well I did go with the x-large pictures I think it looks so hm "tidy" on my blog then haha dunno if it makes any sense though :D