17 May 2012

Golden Rose (Dupe for Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI?)

Hey you! I wanted to show you what I got from my lovely mom in a mail! There was a few more little jewels but this particular one I picked cause it reminds me of OPI's Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI! I dont own it so I cant really compare Golden Rose and OPI but when I was checking internet around for OPI swatches, they both are really a lot alike! Im so glad cause I was going to buy Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI but now I dont think I need to! Check it out yourselves:

Its Golden Rose 210, it doesnt have a name on itself, just a number. Polish is a bit on sheer side but manageable and fully opaque in 3 coats (3 thin ones). Drying time isnt long at all but I've noticed if you try to cheat a bit by putting on 2 thick coats, you will get bubbles on the nail after it dried - experience talking :( I was forced to redo the nail and, as I said earlier, 3 thin coats did the job :)

Heres a shot of the bottle, I wanted to show you the gorgeous golden shimmer in it. Just look at it, so pretty!

I had a bit trouble getting picture of the shimmer from my nails. Sun was shinning today but it was hiding every time I tried to take a picture, I swear! I tried at least 7 times but evil shinny sun was just hiding from me today! Heres the result:

So do I like it? I love it! For the OPI's price I could buy 6 of Golden Rose :D But then again, I dont own Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI so Im not sure if they are THAT close to each other. Anyway the polish is gorgeous, shimmer could be more visible on nails (I wouldnt complain at least) and the formula was OK. Nothing more than OK though.

Did you guys like it?

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