23 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 3 - Summer Dots

So another day of Summer Challenge! Summer Dots. My first attempt was ok but I decided it was way to similar to other summery dots I've seen today so I decided this time even though the colors arent really bright, that this is going to be my mani for day 3 of the challenge. I also forgot to add other amazing girls blogs to the post so you can see how great they are doing. Im sorry for it, I wont forget now! :)

My mani "Summer Dots":


And under a light:

Polishes I used:
Miss Selene mini 223
Depend metallic (no idea what number it is cause it got "scraped off")
+ top coat 

About my cuticles and nails.. I had gel nails for about 2 years then I wanted a break and get back to naturals so after I took them off my nails were just.. a catastrophe! :( I use a base coat from Jessica and my nails are getting way stronger and healthier but they are miss shaped right now so I had to cut them down again. I think Ill go back to my gel nails cause my natural nails are like a piece of hm I dont even know what. If I press my nail lightly they will bend and eventually chip off :( So yes my nails are going to be short and my cuticles.. I HAVE TO CONFESS!!!!!!! For years, since I remember, I've been bitting my cuticles when I get nervous. I stopped that although sometimes under a lot of stress I catch myself bitting my cuticles again. This is such a shame cause Im a nail blogger! How can I do it? But I have my baby oil, my hand cremes and all of those fancy other things that are suppose to help moisturize your skin around your nails but look what happened to my skin after one day not taking care of them (not using any hand cream or anything this kind). I have to recover from it and its going to take time but Ill be strong! I hope :D 

Enough of me, here is list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe not every day, but definitely participating:

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