11 May 2012

Nail art vol. 2

Yet another one of my designs, a silver-black gradient with little sparkle to it:

It was made a while ago so I dont really remember the brand of the silver polish but I know that any silver polish that you guys like will do if you want to make it :) The polishes I used are: silver - no brand here, IsaDora 728 Black Galaxy and of course top coat (i dont remember the brand either cause it was done when I was trying different ones so can not say which one I used - yes Im crazy :D). The hearts are also made with the same silver polish. I hope you like it and just get inspired! :)


  1. it's a shame you do not remember the brand of silver is very nice, you have been lovely manicure.

  2. Since you've been so kind to me I checked my stash to find that silver and I found it! Its brand is "Depend" but too bad the number of it got hm scratched away cause i've been using it many times. Although I can describe it to you: its silver of course and metallic. Im sure you can find it somewhere online or you can aswell use your favorite metallic instead! :)