25 September 2012

Depend Fall/Winter collection 2012 - swatches of my picks.

Hello lovelies!

I want to show you some little gems I found in Depend Collection for Fall/Winter 2012. Here is the promo picture (taken from their official FB page):

As you can see they have everything for this cold season! I was so excited about this collection until they actually came to the stores.. I picked 3 shades out of 19. They glitters kind of disappointed me. Some of them were fun but nothing that unique. Anways, here are those 3 that I picked:

Three numbers: 321, 324 and 326. I did want my polishes to actually be great for fall and I hope I succeeded.

First comes number 321:

A grey-ish purple. Dusty purple, what do you call those colors? I dont know but this is such a perfect fall shade! Im completely in love with this one, formula was a bit tricky but workable. 

2 coats for full opacity, drying time wasnt as long as I thought it would be! Could have been shorter though.

Next in the line is number 324:

Another beautiful creme but darker than it shows on the picture. Again I did something so the picture looks like this eh.. Ill never learn :< Deep, deep shade of just perfect blue. Formula was great and easy to apply.

324 needs 3 coats for full opacity but its alrighty, the color speaks to you in ways that drying time is the last thing that you have on your mind! (I have no clue what am I talking about, really.)

And the last is my absolute favorite of the whole bunch, number 326:

What could I possibly say about this polish? It speaks for itself. Is it a dark teal or blue based dark green? Not sure but its amazing. It also looks so squishy and jummy and everything but its a creme. Or a jelly? Its something kind of between. 2 coats on the picture, could try 3 though.

Formula was great, as was drying time.

So ladies, how did you like those shades? Would you buy any yourselves?

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

French tip desing.. Not so french-y!

Hey ladies!

I kind of feel bad for posting really bad swatches of the H&M 5-pack so I want to make up for it!
Today I have a delicate (is it?) mani featuring OPI Tickets To Paradise and some really, really old nail polish that I had in my stash like forever. All I know, is that the shade is red based purple with purple shimmer and that its by Golden Rose but thats all. 

As you can see I did not photograph it when my mani was "fresh", this is after at least 24h and of course Seche Vite had to put its claw into the polish and shrink it like hell! Thank you nail polish God that I used it all up and now gonna buy another top coat that will be just as awesome - without the shrinking part of course.

I started by painting 2 coats of Tickets To Paradise and stamped over with Golden Rose and konad image from plate m57, on my ring finger I taped off my nail the way so that I will get a tape-free triangle then stamped animal print there. The french tip.. I dont even know if it is a french tip. Its lacy but it does look to me like a french tip. Feel free to correct me cause I have no clue >.<

Anyways, this mani is delicate for me and for first time since long it matched my clothes! :D

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

23 September 2012

H&M 5-pack and Essie Matte About You vs. H&M matte top coat! (bad pic heavy)

Hey ladies!

It's been a while and I apologize for my absence but my mom came to visit me from Poland so I was quite busy with her. I missed blogging so much, you have no idea! But lets get to the polish instead :)
Beware! This post is long and contains lots of complaining of mine, if you dont like it just check the pictures out and dont read!

Today I have for you a 5-pack from H&M. I absolutely have no idea, if these polishes (all together) have a special name because in the store it simply said "5-pack" on the price label. Oh well..

This is how they looked like when I first opened them, they do look kind of dull on this picture but we've been having really rainy weather so nice shots with sunlight on arent possible. Im yet to discover a light box so forgive me.
Package includes 4 nail polishes and one matte top coat: (from left to right) Blue, Red, Pink and Black + matte top coat. H&M did not get fancy with naming them but I cant complain. I dont even own any other polish with simple name like this. 2 coats in the swatches, unless mentioned otherwise.

I do apologize for the quality of my swatches, I did retouch pictures to show the colors most accurate to the effect that I can see in real life + some of the polishes happened to be more tricky to photograph than the others. Yes, my fault of course but the lighting I had in all this mess did not help this. So sorry.

Blue is first on my list:

This polish is extremely pretty, its simple denim blue with gorgeous silver shimmer in it. Formula was great to work with + drying time fairly quick. I may re-photograph this swatch in future otherwise you may see it when I do mani with it. 

Too bad the bottle on this second picture shows the color best and not my swatch. But I tried! :)

Second is Red:

This is a simple, vampy red creme that applies like a dream and dries quickly. It is about a tone darker in real life than this swatch but my camera fixated from bad lighting and me being newb-ish with trying to fix it.

Next one is Pink:

This is a light, rose pink with lots of golden shimmer in it. Formula was a bit streaky but nothing a second coat wouldnt fix. Drying time quick as in the others.

 This one was pain in the ***. I honestly dont know what happened when I tried to photograph this swatch. Bad focus, bad lightning usch, sorries! Promise to re-do this. Pink is my favorite from this collection yet I didnt do so well with this swatch :( 

And last but not least is Black:

Black is extremely similar to OPI Number One Nemesis and when I compared them side to side even just bottles yes they are almost exactly the same. Black has more blue shimmer where Number One Nemesis has almost none. Same as OPI's lacquer its very sheer and needs at least 2 generous coats to get fully opaque. Formula and drying time was amazing.

 I took this picture to show you the blue shimmer, gosh so pretty!

Now the Matte Top Coat. I wanted to see if its any good so I compared it to my all time favorite Matte About You by Essie.

I compared them right when I bought 5-pack, so dont be suprised that my nails are so tiny here :) One rich coat of both H&M Matte and Essie over Choose Me by Essence.
To be honest? H&M did a great job with this matte top coat. It dries as fast as Essie and the matte effect is exactly as that in Essie. If I was to choose from those 2 and didnt have any I'd go for H&M because of the price. But since I have both of them, Im happy :)

As a bonus, a quick mani I did using Black, again I did this right when I got this, just never got around to post it.

Sorries for the tip wear, Photographed it day after I did this mani, so my Seche Vite had plenty of time to shrink the polish :( Such an evil top coat.

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

14 September 2012

Little bit of competition is always good!

Hello ladies!

Im participating in a competition on a Swedish OPI facebook page and I thought I would share my entry with you! I dont want you to vote or anything, its just another one of my manis for you to see :)

All the nail polish I used is by OPI: base is Passion + dots in Your Royal Shine-ness, Number One Nemesis and Just Spotted The Lizard.

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

12 September 2012

ABC for Llama Nails :)

Hello sweeties,

I recently joined a new facebook group called "Llama Nails" and we are going to be doing a one mani per week challenge in order of the letters of the alphabet! 

The rules are simple:

1. The Challenge will begin on September 12 and runs through March 6 (26 weeks for 26 letters)

2. You only need to do one manicure a week (and it's ok if you don't do every week) we know how life gets in the way.

3. Each week something in your manicure must begin with the letter for the week. It can be the name of the polish brand, the name of the polish, the technique, the stamp, the color, the item depicted on your nails. The sky's the limit!

4. There is a document that lists some ideas for each letter. Please feel free to add ideas and take ideas from that list.

5. We will begin posting on Wednesday's of each week. But if you are unable to post on Wednesday you may post for that letter any time up until the next Wednesday when the new letter begins.

6. I will create an album for each letter (unless someone else wants to do this) that we can post our pictures in.

7. Please feel free to post your blog link to each post. But if you do not have a blog, that is fine too!

8. Have fun, be creative, and as always....save the drama for the llama. Be kind to each other and lets make sure to support one another. We are all trying our best!

Pretty amazing huh? :)

Well here is my A:

A - simply abstract animal print! I know it probably isnt so unique but it is to me! I also loved how my IsaDora Ocean Dive shows perfectly over a black base :) I went for normal gradient + stamping on my index and ring finger (Ocean Dive and Surfers Paradise -both by IsaDora) but wanted to kind of reverse it on my middle finger and pinky. On those two I painted 2 thin coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl and stamped over with Ocean Dive and Surfers Paradise. I did try to get a bit of gradient looking stamp but I didnt mix the colors well and the results are what they are :)

I loved Ocean Dive for stamping and Im sure you are going to see more of it coming soon :)
Thanks for stopping by! xx

10 September 2012

Splatter! With Depend 313 and Choose me by Essence

Hello ladies!

Today I have for you a spatter mani! I liked the last one I made so I did it again! :)

For this mani I used my own franken Bowl of Cereal which you can see here and 2 other polishes: nr 313 by Depend ( which you can see here ) and Choose Me by Essence. I think white polish with purple glitter was a good base for this color combo. And those shimmers mmm.. Im in love with this mani!

I did clean up a bit badly as you can see on my index finger but shhh! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

8 September 2012

Surfers Paradise + New Moon

Hello ladies!

I  want to apologize for my absence but I got sick and I cant really pull myself together to write a post or even do my nails! I havent paint my nails in a very long time, I went through withdrawal and I feel like Im missing something and its true - I missed doing my nails and writing to you! Well I felt a bit better so I did this simple mani:

I simply painted 2 thin coats of IsaDora Surfers Paradise followed by 2 thin coats of New Moon by H&M. New Moon is just a pretty gold flakie nail polish that I adore :)

I dont have a light box (I want one but meeeeh.. Cant make it now) so I had to make this picture to show you those flecks: 

I couldnt help myself so I mattified everything! Oh so, so pretty:

I hope you liked it! Thanks for stopping by! :) xx