23 September 2012

H&M 5-pack and Essie Matte About You vs. H&M matte top coat! (bad pic heavy)

Hey ladies!

It's been a while and I apologize for my absence but my mom came to visit me from Poland so I was quite busy with her. I missed blogging so much, you have no idea! But lets get to the polish instead :)
Beware! This post is long and contains lots of complaining of mine, if you dont like it just check the pictures out and dont read!

Today I have for you a 5-pack from H&M. I absolutely have no idea, if these polishes (all together) have a special name because in the store it simply said "5-pack" on the price label. Oh well..

This is how they looked like when I first opened them, they do look kind of dull on this picture but we've been having really rainy weather so nice shots with sunlight on arent possible. Im yet to discover a light box so forgive me.
Package includes 4 nail polishes and one matte top coat: (from left to right) Blue, Red, Pink and Black + matte top coat. H&M did not get fancy with naming them but I cant complain. I dont even own any other polish with simple name like this. 2 coats in the swatches, unless mentioned otherwise.

I do apologize for the quality of my swatches, I did retouch pictures to show the colors most accurate to the effect that I can see in real life + some of the polishes happened to be more tricky to photograph than the others. Yes, my fault of course but the lighting I had in all this mess did not help this. So sorry.

Blue is first on my list:

This polish is extremely pretty, its simple denim blue with gorgeous silver shimmer in it. Formula was great to work with + drying time fairly quick. I may re-photograph this swatch in future otherwise you may see it when I do mani with it. 

Too bad the bottle on this second picture shows the color best and not my swatch. But I tried! :)

Second is Red:

This is a simple, vampy red creme that applies like a dream and dries quickly. It is about a tone darker in real life than this swatch but my camera fixated from bad lighting and me being newb-ish with trying to fix it.

Next one is Pink:

This is a light, rose pink with lots of golden shimmer in it. Formula was a bit streaky but nothing a second coat wouldnt fix. Drying time quick as in the others.

 This one was pain in the ***. I honestly dont know what happened when I tried to photograph this swatch. Bad focus, bad lightning usch, sorries! Promise to re-do this. Pink is my favorite from this collection yet I didnt do so well with this swatch :( 

And last but not least is Black:

Black is extremely similar to OPI Number One Nemesis and when I compared them side to side even just bottles yes they are almost exactly the same. Black has more blue shimmer where Number One Nemesis has almost none. Same as OPI's lacquer its very sheer and needs at least 2 generous coats to get fully opaque. Formula and drying time was amazing.

 I took this picture to show you the blue shimmer, gosh so pretty!

Now the Matte Top Coat. I wanted to see if its any good so I compared it to my all time favorite Matte About You by Essie.

I compared them right when I bought 5-pack, so dont be suprised that my nails are so tiny here :) One rich coat of both H&M Matte and Essie over Choose Me by Essence.
To be honest? H&M did a great job with this matte top coat. It dries as fast as Essie and the matte effect is exactly as that in Essie. If I was to choose from those 2 and didnt have any I'd go for H&M because of the price. But since I have both of them, Im happy :)

As a bonus, a quick mani I did using Black, again I did this right when I got this, just never got around to post it.

Sorries for the tip wear, Photographed it day after I did this mani, so my Seche Vite had plenty of time to shrink the polish :( Such an evil top coat.

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

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