25 September 2012

French tip desing.. Not so french-y!

Hey ladies!

I kind of feel bad for posting really bad swatches of the H&M 5-pack so I want to make up for it!
Today I have a delicate (is it?) mani featuring OPI Tickets To Paradise and some really, really old nail polish that I had in my stash like forever. All I know, is that the shade is red based purple with purple shimmer and that its by Golden Rose but thats all. 

As you can see I did not photograph it when my mani was "fresh", this is after at least 24h and of course Seche Vite had to put its claw into the polish and shrink it like hell! Thank you nail polish God that I used it all up and now gonna buy another top coat that will be just as awesome - without the shrinking part of course.

I started by painting 2 coats of Tickets To Paradise and stamped over with Golden Rose and konad image from plate m57, on my ring finger I taped off my nail the way so that I will get a tape-free triangle then stamped animal print there. The french tip.. I dont even know if it is a french tip. Its lacy but it does look to me like a french tip. Feel free to correct me cause I have no clue >.<

Anyways, this mani is delicate for me and for first time since long it matched my clothes! :D

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx


  1. Very cute, I love the colors. Seche Vite can be a hit and a miss, sometimes there is no shrinkage, and sometimes there is. I wonder if it's how I apply it - it does say to apply when the polish is still tacky....I love it for it's fast drying though, so, I will be interested to see what you find that's just as good!!

  2. love love love this! i think the 2 shades of pink always looks really nice and i love the patterns on this!