8 September 2012

Surfers Paradise + New Moon

Hello ladies!

I  want to apologize for my absence but I got sick and I cant really pull myself together to write a post or even do my nails! I havent paint my nails in a very long time, I went through withdrawal and I feel like Im missing something and its true - I missed doing my nails and writing to you! Well I felt a bit better so I did this simple mani:

I simply painted 2 thin coats of IsaDora Surfers Paradise followed by 2 thin coats of New Moon by H&M. New Moon is just a pretty gold flakie nail polish that I adore :)

I dont have a light box (I want one but meeeeh.. Cant make it now) so I had to make this picture to show you those flecks: 

I couldnt help myself so I mattified everything! Oh so, so pretty:

I hope you liked it! Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

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