25 September 2012

Depend Fall/Winter collection 2012 - swatches of my picks.

Hello lovelies!

I want to show you some little gems I found in Depend Collection for Fall/Winter 2012. Here is the promo picture (taken from their official FB page):

As you can see they have everything for this cold season! I was so excited about this collection until they actually came to the stores.. I picked 3 shades out of 19. They glitters kind of disappointed me. Some of them were fun but nothing that unique. Anways, here are those 3 that I picked:

Three numbers: 321, 324 and 326. I did want my polishes to actually be great for fall and I hope I succeeded.

First comes number 321:

A grey-ish purple. Dusty purple, what do you call those colors? I dont know but this is such a perfect fall shade! Im completely in love with this one, formula was a bit tricky but workable. 

2 coats for full opacity, drying time wasnt as long as I thought it would be! Could have been shorter though.

Next in the line is number 324:

Another beautiful creme but darker than it shows on the picture. Again I did something so the picture looks like this eh.. Ill never learn :< Deep, deep shade of just perfect blue. Formula was great and easy to apply.

324 needs 3 coats for full opacity but its alrighty, the color speaks to you in ways that drying time is the last thing that you have on your mind! (I have no clue what am I talking about, really.)

And the last is my absolute favorite of the whole bunch, number 326:

What could I possibly say about this polish? It speaks for itself. Is it a dark teal or blue based dark green? Not sure but its amazing. It also looks so squishy and jummy and everything but its a creme. Or a jelly? Its something kind of between. 2 coats on the picture, could try 3 though.

Formula was great, as was drying time.

So ladies, how did you like those shades? Would you buy any yourselves?

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx