29 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 6 - Summer Sunrise

Hello ladies! Today's mani is.. Summer sunrise! I was so excited about this one cause I had so many ideas but then my humor got spoiled cause I dont own many polishes so I was forced to use what I have. I wanted to do something special cause a lot of us (saying girls that does summer challenge) goes for orange/pink theme and I wanted to do something original! So I did:

I used Mavala Marine Blue as a base then sponged some blue and white as a rising sun. I liked it a lot but seemed to me that something was missing so I added grass and a tree in black :)

Polishes I used:
Mavala Blue Marine
Jessica King Tut's Gem
Broadway Nails Nail Art Paint black
Broadway Nails Nail Art Paint white
+ top coat

My boyfriend was confused and said it was not a sunrise but it is! I searched google a bit for some inspiration on it and found this picture on wallpaperstock.net (not adding a link cause I lost it and cant really be bothered to find the exact link to the picture. Anyways, here is my inspiration:

You my lovely readers should check out list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe not every day, but definitely participating! I made a post with all the links to their blogs, you can find all of the links in a page "Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge" in the top right corner of my blog! :) Come on, go head and check them out, they are doing amazing manis as you read this!

26 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 5 - Your favourite summer colour

Here is my day 4 of the Summer Challenge - your favourite summer colour:

Yes, a gradient. Why? Cause I love it! I think its passes into "summery" definition absolutely right. I was going for purple-purple gradient but instead I took a baby pink and I like it even better :)

Even though it doesnt show on the pictures both of those polishes has shimmer so they look pretty amazing in real life. Camera doesnt justify the glitters in them. You can see a bit of it on my index finger on the first picture. The purple I used came out to be a bit pinkish but I dont mind. I like my mani a lot! :) 

Polishes I used:
Golden Rose 210
IsaDora Cindrella 
+ top coat

You guys should check out other girls blogs for gorgeous manis from the summer challenge and for that I decided to post in the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge page a whole post with links to those girls blogs! Ill keep it updated so no need to worry, as long as I get the names of the blogs that participate in the challenge, you guys can see them all :)

Also Jodi, from Captivating Claws, and Destany, from Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom, have teamed up for a great giveaway with six winners! Yes, six! All you need to do is go to their blogs and fix some entries! Both of those women are amazing and their nails are even more amazing! Im so jealous cause my nails are so small and meh... Jodi makes awesome water marble manis and Destany's swatches are always so neat and clean! Ah, there is someone to learn from, Im telling ya!

Summer Challenge - Orange - Freestyle day

Yet another day of the Summer Challenge!

Its a little late but well :) So, freestyle. I decided I'd do water marble mani cause its easy enough and how effective! Here it comes:

I had only one orange polish and it was a neon. I didnt know what could I do with it so I used some red and yellow shimmer with it.

Polishes I used:

China Glaze Hey Sailor
Golden Rose Sweet Color 63
Viva la Diva 26

It isnt much but hey, I love water marbling!

23 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 3 - Summer Dots

So another day of Summer Challenge! Summer Dots. My first attempt was ok but I decided it was way to similar to other summery dots I've seen today so I decided this time even though the colors arent really bright, that this is going to be my mani for day 3 of the challenge. I also forgot to add other amazing girls blogs to the post so you can see how great they are doing. Im sorry for it, I wont forget now! :)

My mani "Summer Dots":


And under a light:

Polishes I used:
Miss Selene mini 223
Depend metallic (no idea what number it is cause it got "scraped off")
+ top coat 

About my cuticles and nails.. I had gel nails for about 2 years then I wanted a break and get back to naturals so after I took them off my nails were just.. a catastrophe! :( I use a base coat from Jessica and my nails are getting way stronger and healthier but they are miss shaped right now so I had to cut them down again. I think Ill go back to my gel nails cause my natural nails are like a piece of hm I dont even know what. If I press my nail lightly they will bend and eventually chip off :( So yes my nails are going to be short and my cuticles.. I HAVE TO CONFESS!!!!!!! For years, since I remember, I've been bitting my cuticles when I get nervous. I stopped that although sometimes under a lot of stress I catch myself bitting my cuticles again. This is such a shame cause Im a nail blogger! How can I do it? But I have my baby oil, my hand cremes and all of those fancy other things that are suppose to help moisturize your skin around your nails but look what happened to my skin after one day not taking care of them (not using any hand cream or anything this kind). I have to recover from it and its going to take time but Ill be strong! I hope :D 

Enough of me, here is list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe not every day, but definitely participating:

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Summer Challenge day 2

YES, IM SO LATE WITH THAT I KNOW! Im sorry girls but brutal life kicked in and had to do both of the themes (for day 2 and day 3) today, I just simply didnt want to do my nails around 1 am :|

Anyways here is my day 2 of the Summer Challenge - Chelsea flower show:

I had no idea what was I going for but this is how it turned out. I made it only on one of my fingers cause today was a busy day for me again and I didnt want to make a nice mani, get a picture of it and take it off for the today's challenge :( Im so going to redo this mani some day it kind of reminds me of Holland which isnt that good consider the Summer Challenge is not about Holland at all!

Polishes used are:

H&M Petrol
Viva la Diva 126
China Glaze Hey Sailor
Broadway Nails Nail Art Paint black
+ top coat

So.. How did you like my mani for day 2? :D

By the way I had absolutely no idea what "Chelsea Flower Show" is until now *blushes* :D

19 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 1 - Olympic Torch Starts Its Journey

Day one of the Summer Challenge! "Olympic torch starts its journey" so here it comes:

Polishes that I used are:

Mavala Marine Blue
Mavala Blue Mint

*Olympic Rings:
Jessica King Tut's Gem
Viva la Diva 26
Broadway Nails Nail Art Paint black
Viva la Diva 126
China Glaze Hey Sailor

*Olympic Torch:
for the fire China Glaze Hey Sailor and Viva la Diva 26
Depend 045

And of course top coat :)

I wasnt sure if I could make it.. I mean look at that! Im not satisfied with the olympic rings my hand wasnt as steady as I would like it to be. But here is the result so my first day is over! I thought I would have problems with torch and fire but Im quite impressed of my skills ahah :D Im excited about next challenge "Chelsea Flower Show" so stay tuned!

18 May 2012

IsaDora's Cindrella

Hey! Today I have IsaDora nail polish to show you. Name is Cindrella and its number 618. When I saw it I thought to myself: "Darn! What a pretty baby pink, must have!" so went a head and bought it. Now I kinda regret it. Reason? Well color in the bottle is a really pretty baby pink with delicate pink/silver shimmer (I still dont know :D) but on the nail it becomes more "candy pink" then "baby pink" the more you layering! Oh yeah and you do need those layers cause the polish is one of the most sheer polishes that I ever saw! I mean aside from those that are obviously sheer even in the bottle but this one - too bad - did not look like a sheer one. Im disappointed. A lot. I really hate sheer polishes, they may be good for real layering but I dont do this kind of thing (cause I dont know how to) and when I actually buy polish it has to be one that I can use!

Aside from that result in the sun is just so pretty and then, only then, it is actually a baby pink polish. Otherwise, indoors or in shadows its just candy pink which makes my peachy skin looks absolutely yellow. Not the peachy yellow, just yellow! I really hate that. So much hate that polish causes haha well Im disappointed cause I could have bought a magnetic nail polish from IsaDora (which Im dying to try) instead, which comes to the stores next week. It should come, not sure if it is in there by then or we have to wait a bit longer here like we did with IsaDora's summer collection. Blah, blah, onto the polish:

In the sun light *.* :

You guys see what Im taking about? Just so pretty!

Here is one in the shadow:

I still wasnt able to catch that candy pink shade with my camera (its a really bad one, please excuse me for that) but here my ring finger and my pinky shows it a bit.

So, would I recommend it? Not if you dont like sheer polishes. Yes if you like just a delicate, thin layer over your nails to brighten them up, otherwise just spend the money on something else if you have to :)

17 May 2012

Golden Rose (Dupe for Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI?)

Hey you! I wanted to show you what I got from my lovely mom in a mail! There was a few more little jewels but this particular one I picked cause it reminds me of OPI's Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI! I dont own it so I cant really compare Golden Rose and OPI but when I was checking internet around for OPI swatches, they both are really a lot alike! Im so glad cause I was going to buy Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI but now I dont think I need to! Check it out yourselves:

Its Golden Rose 210, it doesnt have a name on itself, just a number. Polish is a bit on sheer side but manageable and fully opaque in 3 coats (3 thin ones). Drying time isnt long at all but I've noticed if you try to cheat a bit by putting on 2 thick coats, you will get bubbles on the nail after it dried - experience talking :( I was forced to redo the nail and, as I said earlier, 3 thin coats did the job :)

Heres a shot of the bottle, I wanted to show you the gorgeous golden shimmer in it. Just look at it, so pretty!

I had a bit trouble getting picture of the shimmer from my nails. Sun was shinning today but it was hiding every time I tried to take a picture, I swear! I tried at least 7 times but evil shinny sun was just hiding from me today! Heres the result:

So do I like it? I love it! For the OPI's price I could buy 6 of Golden Rose :D But then again, I dont own Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI so Im not sure if they are THAT close to each other. Anyway the polish is gorgeous, shimmer could be more visible on nails (I wouldnt complain at least) and the formula was OK. Nothing more than OK though.

Did you guys like it?

16 May 2012

Water marble!

This is another one of the oldies I wanted to show ya. Im a bit busy today + no sun so nothing new is coming today :( Anyways, this is my water marbling, I love it! The technique is so easy - yes I know, theres loads of people saying that they have some difficulties with it but I say "Keep on practicing!" and it will be just as easy for you as it is for me! - and yet the effect is absolutely amazing. This is one of my favorite looks, it takes a little bit to do but hey! Its totally worth all the complements! :)

I apologize for picture quality, took it with my mobile in bad lighting but it had to be done this way. The polishes I used was Depend metallic - no still dont know the number of it :| - I used in the old gradient and a beautiful lilac with silver shimmer. I tried to take pictures with my camera and all the reflecting light from metallic and the shimmer just freaked out my camera and it simply would just flash onto my cuticles or just focus on the metallic totally "shouting out" the lillac. It looks awesome in real life I promise! Ill do a swatch of the lillac when my nails are better and the weather suits taking pictures of it. 

Of course Im going to make more manis with water marbles just waiting for a spare time window so I can actually sit down and enjoy doing new manis for you. :)

14 May 2012

Gradient crazy :)

Since I posted my old ombre few days ago and said I'd re-do the mani cause I love gradient nails, as promised here it is, my newest mani:

Used my H&M shades: Purple and Berry. Please, dont mind my nails I have some problems with them now (besides fact that they need huge amount of hand creme), I had to cut them down right to the skin :( Well they grow back slowly so I just have to be patient.

Heres another picture that I took, this time with flash to show my "gradient skills":

And here is picture I took this morning cause it was sunny and I wanted to show true colors (yesterday when I did the mani it was really cloudy so the colors are only close to the real effect: 

Here comes my little question: Would you guys like to see my pictures in x-large like above or like I did in the beginning of the post? Please let me know, I want this blog to be nice for you so your opinion absolutely counts :)

11 May 2012

Nail art vol. 2

Yet another one of my designs, a silver-black gradient with little sparkle to it:

It was made a while ago so I dont really remember the brand of the silver polish but I know that any silver polish that you guys like will do if you want to make it :) The polishes I used are: silver - no brand here, IsaDora 728 Black Galaxy and of course top coat (i dont remember the brand either cause it was done when I was trying different ones so can not say which one I used - yes Im crazy :D). The hearts are also made with the same silver polish. I hope you like it and just get inspired! :)

9 May 2012

Little nail art (old pictures)

As I said earlier Im just so busy at the moment that Ill be posting some of my old manis I did :) Todays choice is erm.. I have absolutely no idea how is this thing called, maybe someone of you knows? ( I meant technique ) Please let me know, its such a pretty mani that I hate to have it under "no name" label :( Anyways if you want me to I may do a picture tutorial :D Just leave a comment and let me know!

I really like how it turned out, a bit abstract dont you think? :) Im so going to re-do this mani soon, just need some free time :|

Busy, busy, busy..

Im sooooo busy at the moment so you guys have to forgive me that I dont post that often *blushes* Well, anyways I will be posting some old manis I made that Im kind of proud of so stay tuned! Im going to post something pretty today - Im going to try to find something that is actually pretty so I wont be embarrassed ;D Until later then! xoxo

3 May 2012

Pink Spice from Accessorize

The weather was great so I decided its time for the first of my newly bought Accessorize nail polishes. Since the sun always takes out the best of people I thought it would also apply to nail polishes. In the last post I said I tried to capture their real shine and failed miserably at it but today I succeeded! Sun is shining, I had a great company with me, barbecue, drinks and of course my mani ;D Enough of me, lets get to the polish.

I made the picture on purpose to show you how gorgeously this polish changes shade and the only way to capture it in its full glory was to "unfocus" the camera. So here it is :)

The formula was.. weird. Not too runny, not too thick but after all hard to apply evenly onto the nail. Too bad Pink Spice is one of those 3 coaters but I still loved the effect. Some places of my nails were not quite  "deep with the color" so I did put 4rd coat and it came out pretty good! Even after those 4 coats there was no trouble with drying, polish didnt get any air bubbles, bumps or whatever you want to call them. Here is how the polish looks at evening under lamp light or in the shadow outside:

Its very glittery and the depth of the pink is just hypnotizing :) The best thing with this polish is that with different angles of sunlight it changes color! From almost gold, orange through copper to this deep raspberry shimmer that is really hard to capture on the picture. Just imagine how much it shine and how yummy it looks! :D Here is some pictures outside, in direct sunlight:

That was lots of pictures but I really wanted to show off Pink Spice cause its.. spicy! 

The things I found a bit annoying are:
*  you need to be very careful while applying this polish, really easy to get "bold spots" on the nails
* 3 or more coats to get full opacity

Besides those the polish is pretty awesome but what do you think?

1 May 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish

Look what I found! Those little gems screamed to me right from the stores display and I just couldnt resist! How could I leave those little precious polishes unwanted? ( Look what a nail polish can do to a person :D ) Un-bought more likely but is that even a word? Im not sure but it can be my made-up word from now on! I specially adore Accessorize store for its really affordable prices and awesome items I can get there :)

Here without a flash in kind of bad light ^^

Here with flash.

From left to right: "Sapphire", "Pink  Spice" and "Magic"

I just cant wait to make swatches, I kind of fell in love with all of them *blushes* Each one is different so stay tuned for those lovely swatches.. I mean.. I hope they turn out to be lovely ;D 

I tried to capture their little shimmer shine but I officially failed so I will just make decent pictures with each swatch I make. What do u think about these so far?