26 May 2012

Summer Challenge day 5 - Your favourite summer colour

Here is my day 4 of the Summer Challenge - your favourite summer colour:

Yes, a gradient. Why? Cause I love it! I think its passes into "summery" definition absolutely right. I was going for purple-purple gradient but instead I took a baby pink and I like it even better :)

Even though it doesnt show on the pictures both of those polishes has shimmer so they look pretty amazing in real life. Camera doesnt justify the glitters in them. You can see a bit of it on my index finger on the first picture. The purple I used came out to be a bit pinkish but I dont mind. I like my mani a lot! :) 

Polishes I used:
Golden Rose 210
IsaDora Cindrella 
+ top coat

You guys should check out other girls blogs for gorgeous manis from the summer challenge and for that I decided to post in the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge page a whole post with links to those girls blogs! Ill keep it updated so no need to worry, as long as I get the names of the blogs that participate in the challenge, you guys can see them all :)

Also Jodi, from Captivating Claws, and Destany, from Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom, have teamed up for a great giveaway with six winners! Yes, six! All you need to do is go to their blogs and fix some entries! Both of those women are amazing and their nails are even more amazing! Im so jealous cause my nails are so small and meh... Jodi makes awesome water marble manis and Destany's swatches are always so neat and clean! Ah, there is someone to learn from, Im telling ya!