18 July 2012

Ugly green? Yes, please!

Today I have for ya a bit of an ugly polish to show you. Theres no name of it but a number 321. Its VOLLAGE Cosmetics CITY nr 321. The color is err.. something! I have completely no clue to what does this color resemble!! Anyways here it is:

Pretty cool, huh? Its a jelly so obviously needs at least 2 coats for full coverage but I used 3 coats in all the pictures. Wanted to get the exact color from the bottle :)

I just love it. Its one of those ugly polishes that just makes you drool when you look at them and then you just fall in love with them!
I wouldnt be myself if I didnt try to put something over it so I used one of my new glitters by Miss Selene.

Glitter has no name - OF COURSE - but it has a number: 167. WAIT! There is something stuck to my nail hahaha I just saw it, aw well :) Its golden & green hex glitter in a clear base. Applies gorgeously so easy to build up - if needed.

Too bad there was no sun for me to show you the glitter. My camera would freak out anyways so no point anyways :D


  1. I hate when my camera freaks out with glitter. It can turn a perfectly amazing mani into a mess a three year old couldn't even recreate. I'm glad you put some glitter over this, it does make it look so much more fun! If I had this polish I would definitely try purple glitter over it.

  2. Thats one of my favorite shades of green and that bottle it comes in is adorable!