11 July 2012

Day 34 - Pink + purple mani

Aw purple, my favorite color! :) I wont babble so onto the mani:

You may ask yourselves "What? Is that it?" Hell yeah! I like it this way, its very summery and those pictures doesnt show how nice and bright the colors are for real. Well, well, I do like to make my life easier :)

The polishes I used were:
H&M Coral
H&M Purple

I recommend using double layer of base coat when you will be using H&M nail polishes, they stain like crazy :( Other than that I like them, always very pigmented.

You my lovely readers should check out list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe
not every day, but definitely participating! I made a post with all the links to their blogs,
you can find all of the links in a page "Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge" in the top right corner
of my blog! :) Come on, go head and check them out, they are doing amazing manis as you read this!

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