14 July 2012

Depend 2031 Lavender - Pic heavy!

Today I have for you a swatch of my first holographic nail polish! I purchased 2 of them and both are Depend. I wasnt sure I liked how the other holo's look in the shadow and here in Sweden we do have sun shining but I cant say its often xD Or well.. it kind of it and it isnt at the same time. Weather changes really fast (I live at the sea) so yeah :) Check out Lavender from Depend:

This polish is very pigmented! Although its kind of sheer, needed 3 coats for full opacity. Formula was very good, with every coat you could easily build up this very cute holo :)

 Yes, these pictures are almost identical but who cares, I cant stop staring at my holo <3

Those pictures were taken while it was kind of cloudy but still a bit of shining sun came onto my finger nails. Pictures Im about to show you are taken in full sun but my camera sucks so hard so it doesnt show this awesome little rainbow well :( Anyways, here they are:

Did what I could with the pictures, couldnt really capture the holo of this polish.

If you were bored enough and read what I wrote in the beginning of my post, you remember that I said I didnt buy holo's before cause I didnt like how dull they looked when it isnt sunny outside. Im going to show you the reason why I bought Lavender and .... I wont say, can not spoil the suprise! ;D

Isnt it so, so, so pretty??? Of course it is! I took this picture when it just stopped to rain so no sunny weather but still this polish rocks! Look how gorgeously this shines! Like it has sh*t loads of kind-of-silver shimmer in it! Whoops, pardon my french :)

If I was to give it a grade from 1 to 10 this polish would get 10. This one has absolutely no cons for me. I suppose there are holo's that shimmers really pretty in the sun and more than this one but I wanted polish that will be pretty when Im indoors as well :)


  1. i agree this is a 10/10, very pretty :)

  2. OMG, This is beautiful. Been hunting down these Depend holo polishes.