21 July 2012


Long time no see ladies and I apologize for it! Anyways I got myself together and I started swatching my new polishes :) Today you are going to see some of them. In all of the swatches I used 2 coats unless mentioned otherwise.

As first goes Python Green by Gina Tricot. Its a yellow-green nail polish with pearly finish. It is my first pearly finish nail polish cause I like them well.. Not that much ;D

I didnt have a white base underneath just to see how will it look like alone on the nail. It came off more yellow than it is for real. You can see how this polish looks on white base here.

Polish is very sheer, needed 3 coats for this coverage but if I was to wear it, Id use 4 or at least white base underneath. Formula was streaky. Lets end at that :)

Next in the line is Lady Luck by H&M. A golden-green duo chrome with frosty finish. I think H&M was going for a dupe of famous Chanel but they went overboard with green particulates cause the polish is kinda green. Although golden is visible but its very little of it. 

As you can see Lady Luck on the nail is teal green with a bit of golden in it. Very hard to see if you ask me.

Formula? Brush stroke-y, a bit runny but ok to work with. Best to apply with 1 or 2 huge strokes on the nail to avoid the visible lines - as in some of nail polishes with frost finish. If you arent careful with it, you may get uneven layers of polish with some sort of pigment lines on the nail. Strange as it sounds I had to re-do 2 of my nails cause I wasnt that careful! Lady Luck wasnt a dupe for Chanel but Im so happy that it wasnt! I happen to have OPI Just Spotted The Lizard so no need of more similar-looking polishes :) Uff I just got the idea of doing a gradient featuring OPI Just Spotted The Lizard and Lady Luck! AWESOME!

Time for nr 310 by Depend. This is a sky blue polish with silver shimmer and foil finish. When I was swatching it the weather changed and the lighting was awful. Pictures are also awful!

I did re-touch them a little to show you the gorgeous color but my pictures just suck so hard. Yeah. 

Formula was great to work with, opaque with one coat (hell yeah!). The amount of silver shimmer in it doesnt make this polish easier to photograph so excuse me for the quality. I Guess this polish will be great to stamp with :)

Last but not least is Deep Deep Water by H&M. Glaucous blue (I took the name from wikia~, the color resembles blue berry's skin) with silver shimmer and metallic finish. Another one coater :)

Formula on Deep Deep Water is a bit brush stroke-y, covers the nail in one coat. Another gorgeous color to stamp with. No application problems, also dries fast. 

Ill be doing more swatches soon, I have a few more jewels to show off to you :)

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