8 July 2012

Summery gradient with Gina Tricot, H&M and Depend. PIC HEAVY

Yes, another gradient. I recently purchased some cute babies that Ill show off soon enough but today Ill be showing you a gradient made out of 3 new polishes that I got. Gina Tricot not that long ago came up with their own line of cosmetics. I dont really use any make up products beside mascara and a lip gloss so cant say if those at Gina Tricot are good or not. I did try their nail polish and I have to say WOW!, their shades are very pigmented and eye catching! Ill be swatching all of the new polishes I got once I find some free time (I have a little summer break approaching so I guess that will be the time). Onto the mani now:

I had to take this picture in the shadow to show the true colors of the polishes I used. All of the polishes are either foil-y or shimmery so I really couldnt take a picture in direct sunlight - which I tried of course - and this picture you are going to see next.

This is the closest to the direct sunlight I could get without my camera freaking out while getting the picture. As you can see the shimmers are visible on this picture although only both of the blues are foily or shimmery (I cant say). The freakish yellow, which I fell in love with the second I saw it, is a bit neonish but with pearly finish. This is my Gina Tricot yellow and FIRST EVER nail polish with pearly finish. I just love it. Actually I cant wait to wear it all alone on my nails :)

As Im who Im, I couldnt "not try" to matte my mani. I really wanted to see how it looks. I love the colors that I got by doing gradient with 2 blues and one yellow polish. 

I love how the yellow and sky blue polish got mixed together and I got some sort of teal-blue greenish shade in there!

Polishes I used were:
H&M Deep Deep Water
Depend 310
Gina Tricot Python Green
Essie Matte About You
+ top coat

How did you like it? Did you ever try Gina Tricot or H&M nail polishes, if so, how were they?


  1. Love it! Such a fabulous color combo, how do you get the gradient looking so smooth?

    1. Well.. I dont know really, I just painted the gradient on the sponge and used it on the nail. I did move the sponge up and down on the fingernail so the colors got mixed up. There was a really nice gradient tutorial by nailsarius (I may get the name a bit wrong, please google) and I took the technique from her :) Good luck and let me know if it helped. Id love to see your results :)