4 July 2012

Summer Challenge day 26 and nail art!

Euro 2012 football nails! Since Ive done this mani before and you can check it out here if you wish to, I swacthed one of the Nordic Cap nail polishes I bought before. Today you are going to see this gorgeously bright orange! I also did some nail art with it so just keep on scrolling down the page :)

The formula is very weird, its good to work with - not too streaky, not too thick but it absolutely doesnt remind me of nail polish! Its a bit like some sort of a oily paint :D Not sure why it is this way but its really easy to work with on the nail plus its fully opaque in one coat. So far I tried a bit all of my Nordic Cap polishes and every single one of them has this strange formula. They are nice at all.

What could I say more about this polish? Its very hard to capture its true color in the camera. Its a bit of neon-ish on the nail although its darker than my true neon orange. Its like something between neon and normal, bright orange creme. 

On this picture you can see for yourselves how bright and strong pigmented this polish is. I have to say the price is also very suitable - read cheap! I dont think its available outside Sweden.

Onto the nail art then! 
Since I wont be doing Independence day mani I did one I wanted to try since I first saw this kind of thing! I completely dont know how to call this mani (Id like to add a label for anybody that would like to check it out and find it easly) so I came up with "almost reggae nails" yes its ridiculous but I suck so badly at finding names for things and animals :|

Although its not made with strict red, yellow and green polish it kind of reminds me of reggae colors. Its was my first attempt at doing this kind of mani.. Whats the name of it? Chevron? Not sure really so please excuse me. Yes, I is crazy.

Polishes I used were:
Nordic Cap NP07
Nordic Cap NP08
Orly mini Lemonade
+ top coat

How did you like it?

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  1. Oh I really like it, that orange is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks :) I also find this polish to be amazing!

  2. I love it!! The colours and the design. I love all your manicures and the quality of your pictures amazes me!! I've nominated you to an award on my blog!! I hope you like it!!