7 August 2012

Turquoise, aqua or jade - summer challenge!

Hello ladies, sorry for my absence but I've been like crazy busy >.< But I missed you so Im back ;D

Im late with this challenge but here it is nonetheless:

Last time when I was using my turquoise polishes I used them with a purple - Grape pop by China Glaze and a blue - Surfers Paradise by IsaDora (in a water marble here). I really liked the combo of the colors so I did use them again but instead of Ocean Dive I used Nordic Cap NP07.

I used one coat of Grape Pop on all of my nails and while it was drying I painted pieces of scotch tape with blue, aqua and turquoise polishes. After everything was dry I just cut the tape into little stripes and stuck them on my nails! This technique I've learned from this awesome girl that has so much fantasy in doing her nails! Here you can check out the post that she used the technique with scotch tape: CLICK.

I wanted to make an accent nail so I went for good old glitter in purple and green :)

I know it all isnt perfect but well :)

Polishes I used were:
China Glaze Gape Pop
Jessica King Tut's Gem
IsaDora Ocean Dive
Nordic Cap NP07
Miss Selene Mini nr 173
+ top coat

You my lovely readers should check out list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe
not every day, but definitely participating! I made a post with all the links to their blogs,
you can find all of the links in a page "Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge" in the top right corner
of my blog! :) Come on, go head and check them out, they are doing amazing manis as you read this!


  1. literally all of my favorite colors. love!

  2. this technique looks awesome, nice colours!

    1. I think it is awesome! Its very easy and doesnt require any skills whatsoever haha ;D

  3. Oh wow, these colors are beautiful! I'm going to be checking out the link you posted, I want to try this!
    Thanks for posting!

    1. You are very welcome, I thank you too! :) Check the link out, the girl is very creative and although she writes her blog on spanish, her pictures explain everything very clearly :)

  4. Super Pretty & Love the Colors!!! =)

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog! =)


    1. That is so amazing of you, I never got nominated by anyone! Im checking it out right away! :) xx

  5. Hi! I tagged you with the Liebster blog award. Please follow this link to my blogpost and answer the questions and keep this tag going :D


    1. Thank you so much Brianna! Im going to check it now! :)xx

  6. I love this color scheme! BTW I just noticed the comment above me, but I also tagged you for the Liebster Award. I guess that means you deserve it!! Check out my questions for you on my blog! http://noturmommasnails.blogspot.com/2012/08/1000-thanks.html

  7. Okay it look like I'm not the only but I nominated you for Liebster Award! :D http://polishmymind.blogspot.com/