21 August 2012

My first frankens!

Yes, you read right! I decided to try frankening for the first time and I quite liked it! I had some spare glitter and a few polishes that were nowhere workable so I went for a franken :)

I made 4 frankens at all but today Ill present 2 of my babies: Bowl of Cereal and Starry Morning! (I had some help from my boyfriend with naming them - so lucky Im!)

First comes my personal favorite: Bowl of Cereal.

Bowl of Cereal is a white base with purple fine glitter and red small hex glitter. The hex glitter got stuck to the bottle but theres plenty of it left in the polish :) I had a bad time photographing it cause the weather isnt nice and thats the best my poor cheap camera could do :(

The first thing my boyfriend said when he saw this polish was that it looks like bowl of cereal! Thats how I got the name of this polish :) Another very good thing about this one is that its one-coater. I did use 2 for good measure but I could get away with one!

Next in the lane is Starry Morning

Starry Morning is a lavender base with lots of silver shimmer. This one needed 2 coats but I love this polish :) It also reminds me a lot of OPI I Have A Herring Problem although Starry Morning is more purple-ish. I've got only one picture of this cause as you can see I had to swatch it on my right hand and I just cant take any pictures with my left hand :)

So, did you like my frankens? :D I love them! I think making your own kind of polish is amazing, every nail geek should try it!


  1. These are amazing! I absolutely love Bowl Of Cereal. And to have a white base that is one coat?! Doesn't get better then that. Good job.

    1. Thanks! :D Glad you like it. Im telling you, you should try frankening as well!