13 August 2012

My first ever MSMD!!!

Hello ladies, I decided to participate in MSMD! Im a bit short on my free time lately so I cant really keep up with the summer challenge :( But Im eager to at least do my nails properly before every monday!

So this picture is a mystery of mine, I think one of our lovely ladies from Summer Challenge (or not?) posted it as a mani she did on her client in her saloon? Not sure! Please forgive me that I forgot but when I saw this mani I knew Im going to recreate it when I can and I forgot to spare the picture with the name of the lady that posted it!

Picture of the original design

I think she said its all made in gel (not sure though) and I love how the red, white, blue and glitter come together into one beautiful mani :) Here is my not-so-great recreation of this amazing mani:

I actually wanted to recreate it in 100% but too bad I didnt have the glitter she had so I used what I had :) Also pictures taken in 2 different day times cause the glitter I have is a pain in the neck! to photograph. Second picture taken under artificial light:

Polishes I used were:
Index finger & pinky: China Glaze Hey Sailor
Middle finger: Mavala White + Miss Selene 167
Ring finger: Mavala 49 White, Jessica King Tut's Gem 
and for the heart on the ring finger: China Glaze Hey Sailor

I truly hope I didnt offend the girl who did this mani. I hope you do read my blog or at least this post and let me know who you are so that I can credit you for this awesome work!