29 June 2012

Summer challenge day 24!

YES, I skipped a lot of days of the challenge. I dont remember when was the last time I has so busy time :| Not to babble anymore Ill proceed to my newest mani: Underneath the stars. Such a lovely theme! I thought Id go for stars on a black background but instead I did err.. either very early starry night or sunset with stars! Well I cant say the sunset with stars looks exactly like I did it but hey! It does in my head :D

Here it is:

As you can see I had a little accident with my index finger but shhh :)

I made one more picture in a bit of shadow to show you how good my mani looks indoors! (I used very shiny nail polishes so in the sunlight they are amazing but for once I wanted my mani to have the same effect when Im home - so instead of taking a picture with my nails facing the sunlight I stood with my nails facing shadows. This is the outcome:

For me it does look like a bright blue sky that transforms into the night full of glowing stars :) Hope you guys like it! xx