8 June 2012

Summer Challenge day 12 - HOT HOT HOT combo

Im so angry right now.. I was writing a post and then my internet connection just went to hell. Lost my WHOLE post and I wrote so nicely! :( Now I gave up and Im only gonna put up my manis! Here it is, day 12 of the summer challenge. HOT HOT HOT!

Well.. This isnt that hot but well :) I recently purchased 5 nail polishes of a Swedish company called "NORDIC CAP of Sweden" and among them was this gorgeous nude color with a bit of shimmer in it. I knew that this polish was going to be the first one to swatch and I promise Ill swatch it in near future but now I used it as a base for this mani.

As I was doing my mani I thought to myself "What havent I done in a while?" and the answer to it was french tips! I didnt want my mani to be boring so I made my french tips with gradient. I quite like how it turned out to be, do you?

Polishes I used were:
Nordic Cap NP06 (those has no names, just numbers)
Nordic Cap NP07
China Glaze Hey Sailor
Jessica Pure Platinum
Broadway Nailart Paint black
+ top coat

I also added a simple slower to my thumbs and ring fingers. 

You my lovely readers should check out list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe
not every day, but definitely participating! I made a post with all the links to their blogs,
you can find all of the links in a page "Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge" in the top right corner
of my blog! :) Come on, go head and check them out, they are doing amazing manis as you read this!