6 June 2012

Summer Challenge day 10 - Queens Diamond Jubilee

This is my day 10 of the Summer Challenge:

I didnt plan this but the picture shows a foil effect and I have no idea why. I used a silver metallic and silver glitter over it so I guess my camera just freaked out from all of the glitter. This doesnt look like foil in real life at all, its just metallic with lots of glitter on it!

You can see the real effect a bit on my index finger. This picture shows it all better than the first one but I dont own a pro camera so my pictures are what they are :) Anyways it does remind me of Queens jewels. Looks like lots of really tiny diamonds all over my nails. How can I not love it?

Polishes I used:
Depend 223 (thats the silver metallic I talked about here and here, I finally found it!)
Depend 047

You my lovely readers should check out list of girls taking part in Summer Challenge - maybe
not every day, but definitely participating! I made a post with all the links to their blogs,
you can find all of the links in a page "Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge" in the top right corner
of my blog! :) Come on, go head and check them out, they are doing amazing manis as you read this!

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