4 June 2012

Depend 313

Today I have a really pretty polish to show you! Its Depend 313 - a deep "blurple" with green/turquoise shimmer. Just look at it:

I made the pic this way to show you this awesome shimmer. The combination is just so pretty, Im not sure if I want to take it off for tomorrows summer challenge! :)
Formula of this polish was perfect to work with. Full opacity with 2 coats (second coat I made a bit thick to get that deep shade).

I just love this color combo :)
And how about you guys? Tried it yet? Did you like it?


  1. I don't think we can get this brand but the polish looks incredible!!

    1. I googled a bit (not too deep though) to check if you can get Depend nail polish somewhere but it seems you cant :( Unless you can swap with someone from Sweden (I do live in Sweden) cause the Depend company is Swedish. It kind of sucks if you ask me, cause they have some pretty awesome polishes in their collections that I know more girls than just from around here would enjoy :| There is some sites that you can order it from but no idea if they ship internationally: nelly.com, bybloom.com, kicks.se. I think the best thing is to find someone living in Sweden to swap some nail polishes with :)

  2. Oh this is really pretty. It's a shame it's not available in the UK though :(