3 August 2013

Abstract nail art.

Hello there lovelies!

How is your weekend going? Mine if fiiiiiiiine, loving a free day to do what I want :) For todays post I have for you a treat - me doing some free hand nail art. I said "threat" cause I dont usually go for free hand when it comes to nail art (besides maybe a gradient cause Im comfortable with it) and rather stamp something instead.

Well today is not the case, I decided to play around with my acrylic paints and do something funny :)

Now, the whole manicure is done with acrylic paints, besides the base which is Essie Blanc. I wasnt exactly going for a special pattern, I just got some paint on my brush and started to paint without even thinking much about it. The only thing I wanted was that it looks like an abstract print - if that makes any sense.
(sorries about the blurry picture too)

I loved the look to be honest, it may not be much but I liked how bold the colors are and will definitely do something similar with the same palette - maybe will even find similar polishes to those and think about something then? Tell me what do you think about this manicure!

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts.