31 July 2013

Gina Tricot's Signature Nail Wraps - swatches and review.

Hello there!

How are you lovely readers? For todays post I have something special and rather unusual for me - nail wraps. Im very excited to show you them today cause I never used any before, reason being, I thought it was simply waste of money.

Nail wraps can be very price-y where I live and for the same amount of money I can get a new bottle of nail polish (or two!). That was until I found them at Gina Tricot. The price is really low (29kr for my Swedish readers) which is a great thing but there was one thing I was afraid of: lower price = worse quality. But about that and other things I noticed later, here is a picture showing how they are packed. (I forgot to take pictures of my own sheet so I borrowed this one from www.ginatricot.com)

Now, the ones Im going to show you today are "aztec print" (I call them this way, there is no name or number on them) but there was not a single picture of the "aztec" ones on the site so I took this one, I will swatch this one for you as well cause I bought it too. Ill show you the pictures first and then comment about anything that I thought was important. 

This is right after I put them on:

And this is 4 days later:

Things I noticed: 
* they are neatly packed and very easy to get hold off
* sizes of the wraps are various, you can easily pick ones that match your nails
* if like me, you are sometimes very clumsy and destroy the wrap that matches your nail size (hint: check my index finger), its really easy to cut one of the rest of them to the right size (yes, I cut way too much)
* very easy to apply, if placed wrong simply peel off and put them on again - nothing bad happens then (glue is still there and your nail bed is fine)
* sticky side is covered in glue
* after a while, when you want to remove the wraps, there is no need for any nail polish remover or acetone(helpful while traveling)
* the wraps DO NOT destroy your nail bed (Ive read a ton of reviews of different nail wraps that were, lets say, "glue based" that when ladies tried to remove them, the glue actually peeled off a layer of the nail)
* nail wraps stay on for a couple of days without a fuss
* A BAD THING I noticed: they shrink under a top coat. I honestly dont know if they wouldnt under something else than Seche Vite - I used SV and they shrank like crazy. I googled around and ladies write that some top coats that arent fast drying are much kinder to the wraps and they dont shirnk - not sure myself. The only top coat I have is SV. 

( I have been doing house work and going to job while I had them on - so no vacation) 

I purchased the wraps myself, for no other reason as to try them out myself and help you ladies to decide if you wanna try them or not. I do not get paid by the company and this was my honest review.

Would I buy them again? Yes. As I wrote, they are easy to apply and re-apply + removal is painless. The nails dont get damaged - most important thing. At the stores there is much more designs to choose from than on their website so I would look there. They are perfect for when you are going for a party and have no time for a fancy nail art or even when you going to sit at home and relax - pretty nails are awesome to look at, dont you agree? :) 

I hope you enjoyed my review - its nothing fancy but I decided to write one on the nail wraps cause I couldnt find anybody else writing about them when I wondered if I should buy them or not.

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts. 


  1. I have been looking these twice in stores but always left them to store because I think that they would be bad because of the cheap price. But now I maybe have to go buy some :Dd

    1. Yeah, they arent so expensive so they are worth a try, although I would try another top coat with those, definitely not SV :)