9 August 2013

Maybelline PolkaDots Collection, are there 2 of the same collection? My picks - swatches and review.

Hello lovelies!

As the title says, today I have for you swatches of the polishes I picked from Polka Dots Collection: the green and the pink. Now, as I googled around a while back, I noticed that Maybelline must have had 2 different "kinds" of the same collection or there is something that I dont understand. You see, all over the beauty blogs the 2 colors that I bought, have totally different names. Ill explain as I show you the swatches.

First is the pink one. My bottle says "201 Speckled Pink" but Maybelline's website clearly shows that the color name is really "85 Pretty in Polka". I have no idea why is that but here are the swatches:

I also noticed that Speckled Pink is a tad darker and more fuchsia like than Pretty in Polka (I compared swatches). As to my own bottle, this polish gave me no trouble while applying but I did apply the second coat dabbing the polish rather than just simply painting, to get some of that gorgeous glitter onto my nails. 3 coats shown here.

Next is the green one. Again, my bottle is "200 Rain Forest Canopy" and on Maybelline's website its called "55 Drops of Jade". Here are the swatches:

I compared my swatch to those on the web and Rain Forest Canopy is a bit darker than Drops of Jade. Formula was the same with this polish, no trouble, dabbing motion while applying it. 3 coats here as well.

In my opinion those are pretty amazing, I like that a brand like Maybelline got into the "indie" trend and decided to create those shades. What I dont understand is why there seems to be 2 different types of the same collection. Why one of those are darker than the others. Does any of you know? If so, please let me know!

Overall I was pleased, the formula was great as for this kind of polish. You know, big particles = big trouble but this time it wasnt the case, a bit of dabbing and everything went nice and easy. I did 3 coats of each for my swatches but only cause my first and last one were really thin. I also wanted to pick up the one with glitter in a clear base but as the luck wanted, there wasnt any left! Literally nowhere in the town I live there has been any, I know cause I stalked poor people working at the drug stores. I only saw the blue one at one of the stores but a lady snatched it before I could run up and take it. As I said, please let me know whats the deal with this collection/s?


As the lovely, truly lovely, ladies from a facebook group Im in, helped me and explained that Maybelline has two different distributors: one for Europe and one for America. As they are saying, its not the first time that same polishes from those 2 different distributors have different names. Gah, this is all so confusing but thanks to them now I know, and maybe you know now too. Thank you again Laura and Anna! Love <3. 

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts.


  1. I've been looking for the black and white Maybelline PolkaDot for months! I've seen the pink one but thought I wouldn't like it but after seeing these swatches, I think I'll actually get Speckled Pink!

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  2. Hey,
    this looks great! :)