20 February 2013

OPI Get Your Number - swatches and review!

Hello ladies!

I know you all have probably seen this polish already but I decided to post pictures of Get Your Number by OPI with the top coat on. Many of you couldnt get to like the liquid sand texture and I myself like the look with top coat just a bit more.

Dont get me wrong this polish is exactly what Im looking for when it comes to blue but I find it "more delicate" in the liquid sand form. Blah, blah, how about some pictures? :)

So extremely pretty, every time I have this polish on, I start with the liquid sand look then a day or two after that I add top coat (a few coats actually) and I cant stop staring at this polish. Even my boyfriend was drooling over Get Your Number, he said the color of it is really rich and, I quote, "cool-looking" :)

Get Your Number is a blue jelly base packed with different sizes of glitter. Top coat or not, its absolutely stunning either way you look at it! As you can see on the pictures, on the ring finger you can slightly see the free nail edge but believe me, it was not visible in real life. Formula of GYN is super easy to work with, drying time is slightly longer than normal polishes but nowhere to way-too-long if you know what I mean :)

I hope you enjoyed the swatches :)

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts

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