17 February 2013

Depend nr 347, 353 and 354 - swatches and review!

Hello lovelies!

Like I said in my last post, I would show you swatches of Depend polishes for Spring I used for the gradient (you can see the mani here). So todays post will be exactly that: swatches! Lets start!

First of the bunch is Depend #347 a light peachy pink. It comes off more pink on those pictures that it really is, just imagine the shade with a bit more of peach in it :)

The formula on this one was very thin and runny, I had trouble to get it somehow even, this is 4 thin coats and its still patchy. I did try to paint my nails using thin or thick coats etc nothing helped this polish. Such a shame cause #347 is really pretty. Drying time was nor here nor there but it may be caused by my 4 coats.

Next in the line is Depend #353, a very beautiful electric indigo blurple. Yes, its somehow in between indigo blue and purple but leans more towards purple. Again those pictures shows #353 a bit too blue. 

This was very opaque, completely different from #347. I even tried to stamp with this polish and it stamps, SCORE! 2 easy coats in this swatch. Formula was amazing, like I said, very opaque and vivid - thats how I like my blurples! 

Last shade is Depend #354. Delicate lilac, just perfect for the Spring time :)

I know my cuticles are very red here, I have no clue what happened but it may be caused by lots of swatching I did that day so excuse me. This lilac has green shimmer in it! I was so excited to try this shade and when I finally did I was so disappointed. The shimmer is very strong in the bottle but doesnt transfer onto the nail. I mean not AT ALL :( Dont get me wrong here #354 is still a pretty color on its own its just such a shame there is not shimmer in it!

Formula of #354 was like in case of #347 runny. Somewhat more workable but still patchy. 3 coats in this swatch and you can still see the flaws of the polish. I know people can say it was my being sloppy but I really wasnt!

Overall Im pleasantly surprised with the range of the colors. I cant say about the whole collection but the shades I got are well.. at most acceptable. I got one more shade from this collection but the one deserves its own post. The formula on these was, like I wrote, different with each shade. 

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts.

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