29 March 2013

Gina Tricot Marina - swatches and review!

Hello ladies!

Woah, its been a while I know but I had to figure out where was my blog going and I just needed a break. Well now Im back and today I have a swatch of Marina by Gina Tricot.

I do believe that this shade is from last year, maybe a summer shade? Im not sure but I recently purchased it and felt I gotta show you this pretty polish :)

Marina is a beautiful, pure cobalt blue.

The formula is amazing, 2 easy coats in the swatch. I was worried that after applying Marina onto my nails the color will be somehow washed out and not as rich. But it is! Love it.

Do you like it? Do you like to wear such rich colors?

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts