16 February 2014

Essie Sable Collar - swatches and review.

Hello there!

Today I have a treat for you - a real stunner. I do say it about a lot of polishes but this one is definitely going to my favorite polishes of 2014 pile. Have a look at Sable Collar by Essie:

Wow. I didnt think much about this one when I saw it in the stores - I guess the lighting wasnt good but when the sale came and Sable Collar was a part of it I took this beauty home. I passed great light in the store while looking at it and I literally ran to pay for it just in case someone would snap it from my hands and run away with it. I was like "MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!" hahaha crazy nail polish lady!

Anyways, the formula is amazing and the color... Mmm yummy! Looks like dusty cocoa with lovely, lovely shimmer through it. I still can not decide what color is the shimmer, sometimes its red, sometimes is copper and sometimes semi pink.

Sable Collar is just sooo lovely, Im really happy I took it home. And I have a bonus picture just cause I really, really, really, like this one! :)

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts.