30 October 2012

Splatter with H&M!

Hey ladies!

I really wanted to do some nail art for todays post but lately I feel out of inspiration so its extremely hard to come up with something good for you to see. Anyhow I thought why not do splatter? I thought it through and I decided to use gradient as a base!

I know Im not the only one that ever came up with it but I never done it before :) I was kind of lost to what polishes to use but then I thought "Why not the H&M trio I bought last?" So I did:

I took the pictures about 6 in the morning which is really early for me considering that I got about 4 hours of sleep last night but what wouldnt I do to get good pictures of a great mani? :) Today is also a first day in about a month that we get some sun shining for us, love it!

I started off with a coat of white polish then sponged on Mon AmieOh La La and Je T’AimeIf you are wondering how I just painted my make up sponge with tripes of each polish next to each other and sponged onto my nails! Pretty huh? :)

You can see now how much  Je T’Aime shines in the sun! Golden flakes in this polish is amazing.

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts.