20 October 2012

H&M Oh La La - swatch & review!

Hey ladies!

I have for you something special! For some of you maybe this shade isnt proper for fall but I personally think its gorgeous! Im talking about Oh La La by H&M. There is 4 shades in this lane of nail polish but I picked 3. The fourth would never leave my "yet-to-try" box so I settled on 3. Oh La La is one of them.

Oh La La is a salmon pink polish with gorgeous golden shimmer in it. Its absolutely stunning.

This time of year my skin tone is extremely weird looking so maybe this particular shade isnt the best match right now but I know with some tan this is going to be a hit! I wanted to apologize for my tip wear I wear this polish from wednesday cause its so pretty but wanted to show you guys before I move on to swatching the rest of the H&M polishes. 

Oh La La is really good to work with, 2 coats gives perfect coverage, drying time is alrighty and this shimmer.. Im so in love with it.
As to H&M brushes, well they could have been better to my taste, they are too small and sometimes they "drag" on the nail polish creating ridges thats why you need to be kind of careful while applying them. Otherwise this is it. <3 it, <3 the color!

 Bonus shot of the shimmer! Have a great weekend ladies!

Thanks for stopping by! :) xx


  1. beautiful color! I love it! :)

  2. This is gorgeous! Definitely going on my wishlist :-)

    1. I agree, I decided to buy a backup of this when I next time hit H&M :)

  3. oh, it's very pretty!
    usually i'm not a fan of pinkish colors, but this one is interesting and cheerful :)
    wish our h&m sold makeup and nail polish..