20 December 2013

Decorate your Helmer - tutorial.

Hello there lovelies!

Yeah, its been a while again but I do have something special for those of you who would like to personalize your Helmer/-s. A Helmer is a popular nail polish storage (not only for nail polish!) unit that you can buy at Ikea. Its rather affordable and it keeps your beauties in check.

Today I want to show you a tutorial for decorating it. This is just one of the ways you can do it but this is the one I wanted to do, so here you go :) Now, many of you may already seen something similar on the Internet but for those of you who didnt and those that need some help with how to, here it comes:

You will need: scrap booking paper of your choice (I chose rather thick one with busy design but you can pick whatever you like), scissors or cutting knife, double sided tape to glue the paper to the drawers and a ruler.

Step 1:
Choose the exact "part" of the scrap booking paper sheet that you want to have on a specific drawer - this step is optional for those of you who have a paper that has the same pattern all over it and the placement of the sheet on the drawer front wont matter. My paper has different designs in different places on the sheet.

Step 2:
Either measure the drawers front or like me just put them on the back of the paper and mark how big the piece should be. Think about that the size must be big enough to cover all of it and not show any "naked spots". Cut the paper into the right sized pieces, mark where the screws will be and make holes for them. BE CAREFUL with making holes in the paper, you dont want the holes to be too big or the paper to break! Here is how it should look after step 2 is completed:

Step 3:
Glue the double sided tape on all of the edges of the drawers front. I chose to do this all the way cause I didnt want any corners to lift:

Step 4:
Glue the paper piece to the drawer. If your paper is a bit thicker and you have made a mistake, you can just pull the piece off and do it again, the tape wont damage the sheet:

Step 5:
Assemble the handle to the drawers front, then the front to the rest of the drawer. (drawer,rawer,rawrrrr.. Can you see Ive written this word way too many times?) 

Step 6:
Repeat step 2 - 5 with the rest of the drawers. My final product looks like this, yours should look similar:

And its done! :)

So... My first tutorial ever. Its been a lot of work with both, the Helmer and the tutorial but its totally worth it. I will be really happy if my tutorial helps someone to personalize their own Helmer. Another good thing with doing this is that whichever design of the paper you choose, it will make the whole thing look much better and you can take the colors matching the color palette of the room the Helmer stands in. 

Let me know if theres anything I should think of in future when I will be writing more tutorials and if you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for stopping by! :) xx 


  1. Ohmygosh! I love this!!! I've been debating between a Helmer and an Alex, but the office cabinet look of the Helmer always turned me off. But like this it looks awesome! Great tutorial!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I am hoping to get my Helmer this weekend and like this idea WAY better than my original idea of spray paint. It would allow you to change things up if you wanted to later down the line.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial! I'm waiting for the Helmer and Already thinking of how I can improve it, haha! I like yours SO much, amazing!