12 May 2013

One year blog anniversary! Now & then.

Hello there lovelies!

Roughly one year ago I decided its time for me to create a blog and that is exactly what I did! I cannot believe how long way Ive come with everything: my technique, clean up and even shape of my nails!

I wanted to present you with something special, a now & then manicure. Let me tell you, the mani itself is not that hard to accomplish but it still symbolizes how much better Ive become!

First of all, there is the picture then:

This is still with a coat of gel on my nails that I myself tried to fix "my own way" that didnt really come out the way I wanted. I knew then that this wasnt by any means perfect but I was beyond myself with excitement cause I tried it and was then happy with it.

And the same manicure now:

Lots of things improved if I do say so myself. First of all the health of my nails. They have come a long way from gel nails for about a year to this, natural, healthy, moisturized nails today. Then the technique of me doing my (and my friends + family) nails. Everything looks way more classy and simply good.

Im kind of proud of myself and more happy that I decided to create a blog. Ive met plenty of amazing women that are not afraid of doing what they love, despite their age, preferences or nationality. 

Now I know that it would be awesome if I hosted a giveaway cause of my anniversary and that I intend to do. Just not yet. Im extremely busy with my school + I would love to give to the lucky people something they will sure enjoy so keep on checking my blog for more info!

Thank you for bearing with me through my process of learning everything and I hope you enjoyed your stay! Thank you my dear followers for those gorgeous comments that encourage me to keep up with the blog. Now I will invite you to keep on checking out my manis cause maybe, just maybe, you will find some inspiration here! Thanks for stopping by! :) xx