3 January 2013

4 pack by Gina Tricot.

Hey ladies!

I apologize for my absence but well life got in the way of my blogging. Now Im back, in a new apartment and yet not fully unpacked but I couldnt leave blog for too long!

I purchased some new nail polishes on a holiday clearance and I intend on swatching them! Today is first set that I bought at GinaTricot: 

From left to right: Black, Black/Gold, Orange and Red. Not very imaginative names but what can I do :)
Used 2 coats in all swatches, base and top coat included.

Lets start with Black:

Black is a black creme with easy formula and great coverage. Although this polish starts off pretty sheer its amazing how much 2 easy coats (like in all of those swatches) can even out everything! Drying time is average. 

Next in the line is Black/Gold.

This polish is very interesting. The name clearly states that this is black and gold but as you can see it really isnt! Magic! 

It definitely leans into forest green on the nail and the reason is that the base is basically a black jelly so the golden particles are "coated" in the blackened base giving this beautiful forest green shade. To me, this one couldnt be more perfect!

 Picture out of focus woops! Anyways, again 2 easy coats and drying time is normal.


This shade isnt very flattering on my skin tone but it is truly amazing! Almost neon-bright orange with pink shimmer! Lovely. The picture doesnt do its justice, the pink shimmer is visible way more on the nail than in this picture.

Good formula and as with the other two, drying time is pretty good.

Last but not least is Red:

Burn me while interrogating but to me this is a pink. I mean just look at it! This could be a raspberry red with pink hints with pink shimmer.. Well I guess that is exactly what it is hahaha silly me!

Overall thoughts:

As to the fact that those polishes are made by a store that just recently started their own lane of cosmetics I gotta say that they are of a very good quality. They didnt stain my nails, removal was pretty easy, even Black/Gold didnt give me any troubles while removing. I hadnt had the chance to wear them for a long time but Im sure they hold pretty good as well. One regret: the fact that those are only available in small bottles! What a shame!

I hope you found this helpful somehow :)
Thank you for stopping by! :) xx

*All of the nail polish I own I bought with my own money or received as a gift from friends, I don't get paid for any reviews, it's just my own thoughts.

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