28 April 2012

A bit of acrylic paint?

So, acrylic paint for nails - yes or no? I bought a set yesterday Traditional Craft Paint "Forest Life":

From left to right: Provence Yellow, Bamboo, Java, Sauge (says "Sage" on the bottle), Forest and Walnut.

When I was finished with the nails it was too late to make any decend pictures so I had to wait until today. Well here they come :) I made a little green "ombre" on my thombs and ring fingers, came out like this:

I did put some tape stripes over and painted all of my finger nails with IsaDora "Cool Camel".

On the first picture something happened with the light (it was cloudy that time) and the second one was made when it was sunny. Second picture is more accurate to real life effect. 

So, what do you guys think? Would you use acrylic paint to decorate your nails?

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